Love Athleisure Clothing? Try Sportswear from CONTRA

Love Athleisure Clothing? Try Sportswear from CONTRA

In 2020, you can walk around any town or city and you are sure to see many people that look like they are headed to or from a gym, yoga studio, or sports ground, whether they have or not. Athletic wear is increasingly becoming a fixture in everyday apparel, leading to the coined term ‘Athleisure’ clothing.

With health consciousness growing in the western world, many people are paying more attention to their physical wellbeing. As a result, participation in community events, as well as gym memberships are growing, leading to an increased interest in sportswear for many people. With innovations in materials and fit, combined with a growing interest in comfort, sportwear is becoming increasingly versatile for everyday activities, not just exercise.

No longer confined to the gym or track, sports clothing ranging from running tights, to performance t-shirts, long sleeve sports tops and hoodies are becoming the norm in everyday attire. With consumers desiring a multi-function wardrobe, sportswear has evolved into athleisure wear.

CONTRA Athleisure Clothing

CONTRA clothing is designed to move with you, no matter what you are doing. From parkrun to the school run, working out or going out, our athleisure clothing is designed to help you feel great all day.

Comfort and colour play key parts in the design of each and every CONTRA athleisure garment, helping you to look and feel good for any activity, from lounging at home, to intense exercise.

All CONTRA athleisurewear is made with high quality, sustainably sourced fabrics, and ethically produced in European factories with good working conditions and fair wages.

Running tights

Made from lightweight Italian knitted fabric, running tights provide warmth and breathability, with a snug yet flexible fit for comfort and support. Available in a range of designs, such as our colourful and bold Livonia tights, or the simple and sophisticated Des Dougnes or Tampere tights, running tights provide comfort and confidence for any day-to-day activity.

Base layers

Not only a technical running staple, base layer tops also provide a comfortable extra layer to help keep the chill at bay for any activity. Stay warm and comfortable on your run, walk round the local park, or while watching live sports. Featuring long sleeves and with a slightly loose, comfortable fit, CONTRA base layers are a must have piece of athleisure clothing.

Our Haga base layer is made from a blend of sustainably sourced wool and natural TENCEL™ fibres, available in burgundy or green marl for men and women.

Sports tops

The perfect long-sleeved top is an essential in every person’s wardrobe, to provide warmth and comfort, without bulk and weight. Our tops are cut to inspire confidence, no matter what you are doing. Constructed from ‘Thermolite’ fabric, CONTRA long sleeve sports tops are perfect for keeping your outfit casual or keeping covered up for exercise.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The hoodie is perhaps the ultimate piece of athleisure wear. Just as suitable for keeping warm on a run, recovering after exercise, or simply staying cocooned and comfortable on a cold day. The CONTRA Severnoe hoodie is both technical and cosy, made from an innovative wool-blend fabric that is insulating and breathable.

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