Why choose ethical sports kit?

Why choose ethical sports kit?

The internet has brought shoppers many advantages over the years, not least the opportunity to shop easily and conveniently for environmentally friendly and socially conscious clothing. However, fashion is widely considered to be one of the most polluting industries in the world, and so when consumers demand a change, online shopping is the perfect way to get those products to the people and show off your ethical and sustainable credentials.

What do we mean by ethical clothing?

Ethical fashion is generally a term that describes clothing that has been manufactured, distributed and sold in such a way that it takes into account working conditions, fair trade and environmental impact.  Brands that sell ethical clothes are aware of the social issues affecting the fashion industry and are doing something about it.

But do people really want a different type of sports clothing?

In a nutshell yes, and for two reasons:

Firstly, according to global fashion search platform Lyst, searches for sustainable fashion increased by 66% in 2018, as ethically conscious consumers search for fashion that reflects their values. So, we know that more people care about how their clothing is made and sold. The Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2018 also back up these findings, revealing that spend on ethical clothing has increased from £37 per household per year in 2007 to £70 in 2017.

Secondly, it is predicted that the sportswear market will be one of the leading retail sectors over the next five years. The increased trend in ‘athleisure’ also means that more people are demanding sports clothing that provides comfort, support and style, so it can be worn not just for running but also running errands!

By choosing sports clothing that is also suitable for leisure wear, consumers are reinforcing their shopping preferences and showing that versatile items are the way forward to a more sustainable, multifunctional wardrobe.

Whether you exercise for fun, on your own, as part of a group or just like to take part in a regular parkrun event, something comfortable and practical to wear is essential.  If your shopping preferences go beyond design and style, or you just want to buy from a brand that prioritises the welfare of those involved in the supply chain, then ethical sports kit may be the choice for you.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should buy ethical running clothing:

  1. You know that the kit you wear has been produced by someone working in decent conditions
  2. You know that the people making your clothing have been paid a fair wage
  3. You know you are buying from a brand that prioritises fairness and equality over profits
  4. You can still be fashionable and comfortable.
  5. You can stand out (and be proud) from everyone else wearing ‘high street’ clothing brands

Why choose CONTRA?

CONTRA are not just about ethical running clothing; we are an inclusive brand promoting clothing in sizes that fit everyone. We seek to support and understand you through your physical activity journey, however far that takes you, in whichever way you move.  We don’t tie you down to gender-specific colours but allow you to choose your own styles. 

We have placed a high emphasis on using trusted factories and ensuring the fair treatment of those in our supply chain, but that doesn’t mean we have sacrificed style or quality. In fact, it is quite the opposite. When you buy CONTRA kit you benefit from iconic eye-catching designs, high quality European fabrics and super soft layers.

Best of all, we donate all of our profit to parkrun – free weekly, timed 5k events which are open to all, whether you walk, jog, run or volunteer, in 21 countries across the world..

Shop today for ethical sportswear

Choose from a wide range of ethical sports clothing in styles for men and women at the CONTRA shop.  We’ve got base layers, tights and capris as well as hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts for those cold autumn and winter mornings, all available in a range of ten sizes

Want to find out more about CONTRA?  Email us here.