Layer Up With CONTRA: Introducing our new running base layers

Layer Up With CONTRA: Introducing our new running base layers

Layer up, stay warm and stay flexible with CONTRA’s new Haga base layers and Okanagan half zip top to kick off 2020 as you mean to go on.

The start of the year is a popular time for many to set about making changes and introducing more exercise and enjoyment into their lives. However, as the New year takes place in the middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, finding the perfect kit to start getting more active or to join in with your local parkrun is a little more challenging than it is in the summer.

The good news is our new Haga base layers and Okanagan half zip running tops are the perfect ‘go to’ items for layering up and staying warm at the start of the year.

Haga Base Layer

Our men’s and women’s Haga base layers are an all-year-round  running staple, providing an extra layer of warmth in cold weather, or style when worn on their own in the summer. Named after the Haga parkrun in Sweden, our base layers are available in green marl or burgundy, in 10 different sizes for men and women.

Our Haga base layer top is made from a blend of sustainably sourced wool and natural TENCEL™ fibres, providing a soft and flexible layer of clothing that moves with you, no matter what pace you are traveling at, or the distance you are covering.

If you are concerned about getting too hot as you exercise, you need not worry, as although Haga helps keep the chill at bay, it is also breathable and sweat-wicking, helping you to stay comfortable.

Okanagan Half Zip

When exercising in the cold weather, a warm outer layer is just as important as your base layer to help keep your body warm. Named after the Okanagan parkrun in Canada, this top is made with super soft TENCEL™ yarn for warmth, breathability and comfort, and features an extra long front zip, providing the option of a high collar to protect you from cold, windy weather, or ventilation when you need to cool down.

As with all CONTRA sportswear, our Okanagan Half Zip top is available in 10 men’s and women’s sizes, ensuring that you find a fit that you feel most comfortable in.

Why Layer Up with CONTRA?

Right from the start, CONTRA has travelled on a different track to most traditional sportswear brands. Our range is designed to celebrate and encourage runners of all body shapes, using top quality technical fabrics that are manufactured to the highest ethical standards.

Our base layers and half zip tops are produced at our Utenos factory in Lithuania. You can rest assured that all CONTRA garments are manufactured in fair and safe working conditions, using sustainably sourced materials.

Profit from the sale of all products go directly to helping support parkrun, keeping it free, for everyone, forever.

To learn more about our ethical sportswear and ideals, please feel free to email