Our Factories

We're proud to work with trusted factories in Portugal and Lithuania to produce the CONTRA range. We think it's important that the kit we move in is ethically made, and that everyone in the supply chain is treated fairly.

CONTRA Product Designer Tim Soar explains more 🎬

Introducing our factories:

OLMAC | Avenida S. Cristóvão, 1835, 4770-088, Portugal

The high-performing tights and capris are masterfully created at our Olmac factory using superb quality Italian stretch fabric.

SIENA | Rua de Macabio, nº28 - Roriz, 4795-303, Portugal

Short sleeve, long sleeve, tank - our technical t-shirts are made at our Siena factory, home of the iconic dot print tees, and the latest raspberry and navy tops.

SIGMASTRONG | Rua Zona Industrial de Soeiro II, 138 Lote 34, 4745-399, Coronado, Portugal

A CONTRA staple, the iconic cotton print t-shirt is produced at Sigmastrong.

UTENOS | Basanavičiaus. 122, 28214 Utena, Lithuania

Currently our only factory in Lithuania, it's here that we make the super-soft hoodie and best-selling base layer.