New Year, New You, New #CONTRAConfidence – Try our sportswear range in 2020

New Year, New You, New #CONTRAConfidence – Try our sportswear range in 2020

The New Year always comes with a fresh surge of motivation to reinvent ourselves and finally enjoy the life we have always aspired to have. One of the most common changes people want to make at this time of year is to get fit and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

For fitness newbies, this can be daunting territory but with #CONTRAConfidence you will feel settled in no time. One of the biggest worries we face when easing ourselves into fitness is the fear of people watching and judging. But with the right sportswear you can feel your self-esteem rise.

Here are our tips to boosting your #CONTRAConfidence in 2020:

Taking it Slow

Before committing yourself to a gym membership, take it slow and ease yourself into your new fitness regime. Our partners, parkrun, host a series of free and community-led physical activity opportunities every week, across 21 countries internationally. Your local parkrun could be your opportunity to gain your #CONTRAconfidence, meet new people and move at your own pace.

Feeling Comfortable

Finding sportswear which makes you feel body confident and comfortable with every step can make a huge difference. At CONTRA we offer ethical sportswear, designed to support and encourage people of all body shapes and sizes. We hope to inspire self-confidence in all types of runners, with a beautiful range of bold coloured technical sportswear.

With lightweight and breathable designs, our sportswear will move with you during every step. Our clothing range is also suitable for low light, hot or cold environments.

Ethical Sportswear

As well as feeling #CONTRAconfidence in yourself, feel confident in the sportswear brand you are buying from too. At CONTRA we believe in doing things differently and ethically. We pride ourselves on using sustainably sourced fabrics, which are then made into sportswear in our factories in Lithuania and Portugal, employing the highest ethical manufacturing standards.

Team Up

One of the biggest confidence boosters when trying out something new is trying it out with a friend. Having someone to accompany you on sportswear shopping trips and your first parkrun can provide you with a security blanket. Thereby helping you to slowly build your confidence and have someone to talk to and share experiences along the way.

Shopping for Ethical Sportswear

To start 2020 with a boost of #CONTRAConfidence shop our ethical sportswear to get your new fitness regime started. With a range of sweatshirts, tops, tees, bottoms and accessories there is something for everyone in a range of vibrant designs. Don’t wait another year for a fresh start, join your first parkrun today!