Women's Bottoms

Women's Bottoms


At CONTRA, to support our belief in celebrating every runner, our bottoms are designed for runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Cut from high quality, technical, lightweight Italian fabrics, our running bottoms are breathable and manoeuvre with your every move. Each available size provides a unique fit, designed to aid performance, whether you are taking a sociable stroll, a short jog around the park, or a long run.

As well as looking great when you are exercising or standing still, CONTRA running bottoms are practical for every individual. If you prefer to run in the mornings or evenings when parks and pavements are quieter, our bottoms feature reflective designs to keep you visible in low light. For anyone who faces the dilemma of carrying keys or coins, our running tights feature a rear zip pocket for safe storage as you are on the move.

Ethical Running Tights

We are committed to meeting the highest ethical manufacturing standards for all CONTRA sportswear. Our running bottoms are manufactured using technical fabrics, sourced from Europe and manufactured at Olmac factory in Portugal, where staff are guaranteed fair wages and safe working conditions by law.

As well as keeping our bottoms sustainable and ethical, we also maintain affordable prices for our customers, making high quality sportswear available for all.

The profit from the sale of all CONTRA running bottoms and all of our sportswear range directly supports parkrun, helping to keep these community fitness events free and inclusive for all.