Women's Tops

Women's Tops


CONTRA women’s tops are designed to provide confidence and comfort for everyone, all year round. From tank tops to long sleeve base layers and t-shirts, our technical running tops are constructed from featherlight fabrics that help you stay warm, whilst allowing your body to breath.

All tops for women are available in 10 sizes (B-K), allowing you to find the ideal fit. Our designs feature a looser fit that many others on the sportswear market, allowing you to move freely and deliver your best performance, whilst feeling comfortable in yourself.

Women’s Short Sleeve Tops

Perfect for warmer parkrun days, our soft and sleek short sleeve running tops are made from a featherlight, breathable, fast drying mesh fabric, with a sweat-wicking and odour fighting anti-bacterial finish to help you feel fresh, especially during hot summer days.

For the hottest days of the year, CONTRA women’s tank tops provide a cooling, comfortable design. Despite being sleeveless, the slightly looser design means that tight underarms restricting your movement won’t be a problem. We hope to inspire confidence and celebrate runners of all body shapes and sizes by providing excellent fitting short sleeve t-shirts and tank tops.

Women’s Long Sleeve Base Layers and T-Shirts

Our base layers and long sleeve t-shirts are ideal for all year-round activity, providing warmth, without the weight, helping you stay mobile. Whether you are covering up or layering up, our long sleeve tops are designed to make you feel good about yourself.

A long sleeve base layer is a must-have for any runner, whether you are tackling a local parkrun or taking on a marathon. Constructed from a blend of wool and natural TENCEL™ fibres, our base layers are soft, naturally odour resistant and sweat wicking, helping to keep your body warm on colder days, as well as helping you cool down after exercise. Featuring a looser fit than many designs, our long sleeve base layers are comfortable and help to inspire confidence. Wear as a layer under another top, or jacket, or wear on its own on warmer days.

All CONTRA women’s long sleeve t-shirts are made from ‘Thermolite’ fabric, a lightweight and fast-drying material with an antibacterial finish, helping to keep you warm whilst ensuring you feel fresh.

For safety in low light, our tops feature reflective logos or designs, ensuring that you stay visible when you run early in the morning, or in the evening.

Sustainable Sportswear

All fabrics used in CONTRA tops are sustainably sourced in Europe and manufactured in facilities in Portugal and Lithuania, where we can be certain that our core values of fairness and inclusivity are incorporated. All staff are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions.

Profits from all CONTRA products goes directly towards supporting the parkrun organisation, helping to keep these community fitness events free for everyone.